Heart of a Lioness

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At thirty-seven, Irene Gleeson was a broken woman. Her marriage had crumbled, her children were out of control and she had spiraled into a deep depression. Her life changed when she walked into a small beach-side church and encountered God. Ten years later, she was on a plane bound for northern Uganda to rescue war-affected children. Armed with nothing but faith, courage and dogged determination, Irene sold her beach home, said goodbye to family, and hauled her tiny caravan 13,000 kilometres to Kitgum—an isolated community besieged by Joseph Kony and his brutal rebel group, the LRA. Under the shade of a mango tree, “Mama Irene” gathered the children of war and taught them to sing and read and write by scratching letters in the dust. And then, for the next twenty years, together with the locals, forged a ministry that would transform the lives of thousands of former child soldiers—a work now applauded by the rest of the world.

Heart of a Lioness is a beautifully written, faithfully researched and accurate recount of the inspiring life of an Australian woman who turned her own tragedy into a story of triumph. The book is packed with descriptive stories that make you feel as though you are right there with Irene. There are stories that will make you gasp, that will horrify, stories that will make you laugh spontaneously, cry uncontrollably and stories that will inspire your faith and challenge you to take a leap of faith toward your own dreams. God called – Irene answered! 5.0 out of 5 stars. Read with Kleenex! – Ruth Athanasio

Heart of a Lioness bursts with drama and glows with miracles—a tale that brings Africa’s culture and characters to life, capturing the horrors of war, the heartache of poverty, and the healing power of God’s love through one woman. This story will captivate your imagination, challenge your beliefs and demonstrate that—regardless of who you are, or where you’ve come from—with God, anything is possible.

This is a MUST READ – for anyone who cares about children anywhere – but especially in Uganda where Joseph Kony and the LRA terrorized and destroyed the lives of the Acholi in Northern Uganda. No one over 20 years did more for those who were abandoned, kidnaped, and left with nothing than Irene Gleeson. Irene – middle aged – heard God’s whisper – she listened and facing impossible odds held Jesus hand and went to the northernmost part of Uganda, just south of Sudan to the town of Kitgum and brought not only God’s message. She set up schools for children and adults , fed the hungry, took care of the sick but most of all brought LOVE. Irene passed away in 2013 but her efforts live on in this beautiful country – incredible well written and emotionally draining. This is a MUST READ. – Arthur T Jones

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In 1991, Irene Gleeson – mother of four and grandmother of fifteen—sold her home in Sydney, Australia and moved to Kitgum in war-torn northern Uganda, an area terrorized by rebel leader Joseph Kony and his guerrilla group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Over the next twenty-two years, and against insurmountable odds, the woman affectionately known as Mama Irene rescued more than 20,000 traumatised children, providing them with free education, food, and medicine. Today, the 450 staff of the Irene Gleeson Foundation educate, medicate, and feed more than 8,000 children, and that number continues to grow every day. Irene Gleeson passed away July 21, 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer.