Irene Gleeson was a remarkable servant of Jesus; a brave woman who knew what it meant to take up her cross daily in obedience to her calling. Her courage, compassion and sacrifice should inspire all of us to be a little less comfortable and a little more devoted to the cause of Christ. – Darlene Zschech

I have known Irene Gleeson for many years … she has a rich heritage of strong determined women and I wish (Nicole) every success with her book. – Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE, PhD LLD (hon)

When Irene Gleeson first came to Daystar in January, 2012. I had no idea what an impact she would have on our family, especially my daughter Rebecca. Irene’s life of Divine protection, provision and prayer demonstrated a true calling and mission to implement change. Her life story will not only encourage but empower you to believe for the impossible. – Joni Lamb Co-founder, Daystar Television Network

I’ve been in this ministry now for 48 years. The life, ministry, and story of Irene Gleeson is still at the top of my list of faithfulness and courage to do all and be all that Jesus has called her to be. She is a true portrait of Rev. 12:11. By faith in the blood of the Lamb, she overcame every attack of the devil. Her testimony was always one of faith, hope, and love. Until the day she went to be with Jesus, she loved not her life unto death. I strongly encourage every believer to read Heart of a Lioness. – Kenneth Copeland