Nicole on Table Talk

Table Talk – Daystar TV

In 2014, Nicole Partridge made a guest appearance on Daystar TV to speak about Irene Gleeson’s life, legacy and her autobiography, Heart of a Lioness.

Nicole on Open House


Open House interview with Nicole Partridge about Heart of a Lioness and the life of Mama Irene.

November 2014

Nicole on Record in Focus

Record in Focus

Record In Focus interviews Nicole Partridge about Irene Gleeson – the unlikely missionary.

May 2015

Nicole on Ultra 106.5

Ultra 106.5 FM – Breakfast Show

Nicole Partridge discusses the life of Mama Irene and her autobiography Heart of a Lioness on Ultra FM.

December 2014

Nicole on Georgene Rice Show

The Georgene Rice Show – 93.9 KPDQ – Portland USA

In 2014, Georgene Rice interviewed Nicole Partridge, co-author of Heart of a Lioness.

Nicole on Coffee O'Clock

Life FM 107.9 – Coffee O’Clock

Jayne Lockert interviews Nicole Partridge about Heart of a Lioness.

December 2014