Susan Sohn

Susan J Sohn is a community builder, speaker, writer, retreat facilitator and online/social media entrepreneur. She is best described as raw, honest, disarming and immediately relatable. Susan has the ability to gather people and create rich community. Her table is a place where everyone is welcome, everyone has a voice, and everyone is heard. Raised in the Canadian prairies, her eclectic life has brought to her various cities around the world. She has worked with influential media companies, such as the New York times, as well as significant global not for profits and faith-based organisations. Her digital imprint engages with over 650,000 listeners through her podcasts and hundreds of millions of social media impressions. From creating businesses too throwing parties, Susan lives a life of joy that makes space for heartache and insecurity. Susan sees beauty and possibility in the lives of everyone she meets.

In 2018, she wrote her first book, True You – a raw and insightful book on the challenges that 21st-century women face. True You is available on Amazon,, Barnes and Noble and Book Depository.